Advancing Wildlife Conservation with Technology hosts freely accessible geospatial data and a range of web application tools tailored for wildlife research and conservation in Wyoming and GYE. Explore our curated collection of web applications and coding resources below.

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Data and Applications

GIS Data for Wyoming and the GYE

The Merkle Reasearch Group stores freely available geospatial data for Wyoming and the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem using a cloud-like storage solution. These data are easily accessible to you using our code or data viewer.

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DEVISE is a tool for researchers to easily view various metrics of gridded whether and phenology data across wildlife management areas across Rocky Mountain region.

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Migration Mapper 3.0

Migration Mapperâ„¢ is a free application designed for researchers, biologists, and managers, to analyze fine-scale GPS collar data collected from migratory ungulates.

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Ungulate Migrations in the Western USA

Wildlife Corridors and Route Viewer mapping tool developed by the Corridor Mapping Team, which is a partnership between USGS and multiple western states and tribes

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Fence Prioritization Tool

Fence mapping and prioritization tools for improving permeadibility of big game movement.

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About is developed and maintained by the Merkle Research Group in collaboration with the Wyoming Geographic Information Science Center (WYGISC) at the University of Wyoming. We strive to advance the field of wildlife ecology and management by providing a comprehensive platform for geospatial data and applications. Our core areas of focus for this platform include:

Geospatial Visualization

We specialize in developing state-of-the-art geospatial visualization tools that empower researchers, conservationists, and land managers to gain valuable insights into wildlife movements and habitats.

Data Analytics

Through advanced data analytics, we extract valuable insights from wildlife datasets, enabling informed conservation decisions.


Ensure that data and science products are accessible and usable by all our partners

Coding Resources


R package developed by the Merkle Research Group to analyze wildlife movement data.

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R package to explore and use GIS data for Wyoming and GYE.

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R package to assist in processing the datasets used within the DEVISE application, developed and maintained by Albeke Lab

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